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A design system for Scale AI that helps us build consistent and accessible products.

In 2023, Richard Yang a I built ScaleUI- a design system and react component library. Scale likes to hire fullstack engineers, so after a few years of rapid product growth- our frontend had become a bit of a mess. Different teams were using different tools (from MUI to styled components, to just inline css). None of these worked well. They looked bad, weren't accesible, and code wasn't being shared between teams.

In Januarary 2023, we started to work hard toward a set of 50+ components with TailwindCSS. ScaleUI also supports themeing. We have one theme for our Federal products, one for customer facing products, and another one for our tasker facing brand.

At the time of writing (august 2023), we proudly have migrated ~70% of Scale's products to ScaleUI. Taskers are more productive. And our customers navigate our apps with more trust.

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